It is impossible to imagine our life without a computer. Someone is addicted to games, and someone cannot part with work even at home. Prolonged sitting in front of the screen has negative consequences for all organs and systems, but the eyes, musculoskeletal system, blood vessels and nervous system are especially affected. 

Be sure to take breaks at work

It is best to leave the workplace for 10-15 minutes every hour at all. And the bones will stretch, and the eyes will rest, and you will get rid of the effects of electromagnetic radiation for a while.

Do not be distracted during work by viewing unnecessary information

Do not be distracted

Hanging out on social networks, clicking on links that are not related to work, launching games installed on the computer take up precious time, and work takes longer. Also as soon as you visit the 20Bet casino website and see the 20Bet Login button the temptation will be huge. To unwind, there are many other ways that are not related to computer technology.

Warm up between work

It can be a regular walk down the hallway or active physical exercise. Warming up the neck is best done with your eyes open. The benefits will be for the vertebrae and for the optic nerve. If you work at home, why not do simple housework during breaks – wash the floor in the kitchen, nail a shelf?

Make sure you have enough lighting

The lack of light when working at a computer causes visual strain, which, in turn, will not keep you waiting for vision problems. Sometimes it is enough to correctly place a table lamp, and open the curtains during the day. It will not be superfluous to wipe window panes more often from dirt. The light should fall on the monitor from the side – this will prevent glare from appearing on it.

Change body position during work, stretch your legs

Change body position during work

An interesting approach is to periodically change the position of working at a computer from sitting to standing. Some offices even have standing work stations. You can change position using a dynamic chair that allows you to adjust its height using hydraulics. At home, working on a laptop, you can from time to time put your electronic assistant on elevations suitable for standing work: shelves, chests of drawers, niches. In this case, you can stretch your legs on some kind of simulator, such as a stepper.

Ventilate the room more often

The influx of fresh air is not only useful for improving brain activity but also allows you to solve the problem of increased air ionization that occurs during prolonged computer operation.

Don’t Forget About Your Computer Maintenance

Wiping the screen regularly with special wipes will eliminate stains and dirt that are distracting from work and worsen the picture. Periodic cleaning of the inside of the system unit from dust will prevent an increase in noise or even a complete failure. And this is an extra portion of stress and an increase in the time it takes to complete the task.